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Campaign against trophy hunting

Campaign against trophy hunting – a western urban cultural imposition on rights of rural African communities: arrogant cultural superiority or ignorance?

The complex issue of big game trophy hunting

Responses to a call for a ban on the importing of hunting trophies to the UK, made in the Guardian by a dozens of public figures, from parliamentarians such as Jeremy Corbyn to wildlife campaigners including Virginia McKenna

Informing decisions on trophy hunting

A Briefing Paper regarding issues to be taken into account when considering restriction of imports of hunting trophies.

How hunting is saving endangered species

Since that low point in 1995, the Black Rhino population has doubled in number. This growth has occurred primarily in Namibia. To understand how, it’s best to first learn more about Namibia and how the country’s attitude toward hunting has helped dramatically increase the Black Rhino population.

African countries make case for trophy hunting

African officials from multiple countries are helping a high-profile Interior Department advisory panel make the case for international trophy hunting.

Responsible hunting organisations denounce shooting of captive-bred lion

There is increasing pressure on all forms of wildlife-based tourism and enterprises in the wildlife sector to become more sustainable and to generate income and benefits without significant deterioration of the environment and natural resources, whilst also addressing social responsibility.

Hunting bans would condemn a lot of game

Another hunting photo, another fit of celebrity-led social media outrage. Clamouring for a ban on trophy hunting from the comfort of their wealthy, urban armchairs, none understand the consequences of what they so loudly demand. Let’s consider what would happen.