Welcome to the website of the Custodians of Professional Hunting & Conservation – South Africa. Please view the Association Principles page in order to read more about our mission statements and constitution. To register as a member, please click on the Membership page and link through to the fill-in form. Thank you.

Why should I join CPHC-SA?

  1. Be part of an association that is for the greater good of hunting,conservation and Brand SA.
  2. Be involved with individuals with the same ethical practices and conservation visions.
  3. Opportunity to interact with the media to change public opinion, this can only be done through an association with a sound mission and a membership that represents that mission.
  4. To be part of an association that has the respect of other hunting and conservation groups worldwide.
  5. Through CPHC – SA you can influence policy formulation in the industry.
  6. Section 16A ( application in progress)
  7. Improved Government interaction at National and Provincial level.
  8. Building partnerships between landowners, outfitters and professional hunters.
  9. To liaise with all African Hunting Associations in establishing like-minded “outfitter/client” hunting opportunities for our members and vice versa.
  10. Believes in ensuring the long-term sustainability of responsible hunting by mentoring newly qualified PHs through opportunities created by members of CPHC-SA (Apprenticeship program)

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