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BookYourHunt, which is the first and the biggest platform for booking hunting trips online just have recently celebrated their third-year anniversary being driven by the idea of an online marketplace where outfitters can offer their hunts, and hunters’ book directly, at the outfitter’s price, with no hidden or extra costs. This idea has proven to be a huge success with hundreds of hunters having found their hunting adventures on

Due to growing demand BookYourHunt is looking to engage additional reliable outfitters who provide great guiding services, like our members. Their data shows that there have been over 4000 of hunters searching for hunts in South Africa on BookYourHunt since the beginning of 2018. That’s a lot of potential bookings for our members, so we are pleased to extend their invitation for you to join their platform and list your hunts with BookYourHunt!

Here’s a quick look at what BookYourHunt can offer you:

– Market your hunts year-around to an international audience
– Discuss hunt details with your customers in a chat right on your hunt offers
– Track how many customers see your offers and where they come from
– Get the help from BookYourHunt’s 24/7 support staff to create and maintain your hunt offers and assist clients
– Manage your bookings, get regular reports about your trips’ views, chats and much more!

Sign up is free, set up is free, there are no maintenance fees, hunters can use it for free, and you get your money directly from the client. No middle men providing incorrect information, making false promises or mishandling your money. BookYourHunt provides all the free marketing and only after a hunt is booked through BookYourHunt, and you receive the money, do you pay a 10% commission. This IS the future of our hunting/outfitting industry.

If you have any questions or if you would like to sign up, please contact James Reed at or 208-520-1600.

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James C. Reed
BookYourHunt-North America
23185 Hwy 75
Challis, ID 83226
(208) 520 1600