Professional Hunting RPL Process


The RPL Process to obtain the Qualification: SAQA ID: 58930 Professional Hunting

Please follow the following steps to ensure that you submit the correct documentation.

Phase A: Learner Registration

  • Complete the Learner Registration Document. This document must please be saved in PDF format.
  • Please complete all three pages of the Learner Registration Document.
  • Please sign the Learner Signature Document (page 3) in a black pen.

The following documentation needs to be submitted electronically together with your Learner Registration Document:

  • Documents scanned in PDF format or Hard Copy:
    • Certified Copy of your ID
      • ID document can either be a Green ID Book or Smart ID Card (please ensure that both sides – front and back is needed of the Smart ID Card).
    • Certified Copy of your Highest School Qualification
      • National Senior Certificate (Matric Certificate)
      • OR
      • Highest Standard / Grade completed in High School
      • OR
      • SAPS Affidavit / Sworn Statement of School, Town, Year and Achievement.
  • Additional documents to submit together with the above Learner Registration documents:
    • PH Certificate from Hunting School.
    • Provincial Professional Hunter Registration / Licence.

Please send Phase A: Learner Registration to: admin@cphc-sa.co.za



For your convenience you can also Register online by clicking the Register Now button below.

Learner Registration

Learner Personal Information:

(As appearing on ID document)

Address Information:

The following is related to your Physical Address:

The following is related to your Postal Address if it is not the same as your Physical Address:

Education Information:

Click or drag files to this area to upload. You can upload up to 10 files.
I hereby confirm that the above mentioned information is correct and accurate. I, give permission to Eco Ranger (Registered Training Provider) to use my Information and Signature on the Learner Registration Document.

Once you are successfully registered on the system, an invoice for the complete RPL Process, will be sent to you. You will also receive instructions on the steps for Phase B.