Wire and Water Documentary Feature

The Mangwe South District of Zimbabwe is a forgotten place by the world and most of Zimbabwe. A place that is rural, where livestock are the chief economic driver of the villagers dotted around the landscape, and where people are living hand to mouth. The villagers own the land, but have no resources to manage and improve it, and wildlife is something that is considered a nuisance vs., a commodity to be valued. That was until Guav Johnson decided to help. Wire and Water is the capture of Guav’s heart for wildlife and the people of Dukwe Village. A story of how sustainable wildlife use can be utilized to provide protein, fruit tree’s, jobs, and most importantly wire for their cattle and fields, and water for their cattle and people. This story is a common one across vast tracts of Africa, but rarely does someone get to see it. If you loved the film please share it with someone who may not understand hunting and its benefits for people of this world. Massive thanks to Bergara International for all of their funding towards wildlife conservation ALL AROUND the WORLD.
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